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The fun thing about quilts, beside piecing and quilting them, is naming them.  Every quilt has a story that only the quilter can tell.  On each of the following pages, I will tell the story of the creation of the quilt and/or how it received its' name.  It is important to name, date and sign your quilts because in a 100 years, someone will want to know why, where and who made the quilt.

Enjoy each story and let me know if you have any thoughts-- quilting
is meant to be shared.

There is a PayPal "Button" for purchasing any quilt you would like to buy.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to purchase an item through PayPal (you are able to use your credit cards for payment there). 

Please also note that shipping is for the contiguous United States; there is an additional charge for international shipping.

**If you purchase with a credit card instead of a PayPal account for an international shipment, you will be refunded your charge, less the PayPal fees or a separate additional invoice for international shipping charges will be sent to you before payment is accepted and the quilt is shipped.

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