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I have done a lot of research all over the internet so that I can determine whether my pricing is reasonable and compatible with my work ethic.  I'm of the "Old School" in which you charge what you need to charge to make a reasonable profit but you keep the costs as low as possible for as long as possible.  For my quilting services, I've been offering the same price for the past year and hope to continue to offer it for the foreseeable future.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email for a price quote.  Computerized quilting is offered in HandiQuilter's Format (.hqf).  I can help you choose the perfect quilting design that enhances your quilt.  Additionally, if you have purchased a pattern from a digitizer that you would like to use, you can bring a USB stick with the pattern loaded on it for use.  (It will only be used for your quilt and deleted from my system when the quilt is complete, in respect of the digitizer's copyrights.)

The cost for your project is determined by the size of the quilt as well as your quilting choices. To calculate the square inches, simply multiply the length by the width, as measured in inches. Please note that all measurements are taken before the quilting is completed– the finished size will be slightly smaller, depending on the density of the quilting.

Basting: $0.075 per square inch (with a basting line stitched every 6" both horizontally and vertically). We can baste together your quilt layers in preparation for hand quilting. Basting consists of extra large stitches, stitched in a grid pattern, approximately 6″ apart, as described above.

Edge-to-Edge Quilting*: $0.025 per square inch. In this type of quilting, I use a continuous design all over the quilt-- from edge-to-edge. I have many edge-to-edge patterns (or "designs") to choose from and there are hundreds more available on the internet.

Edge-to-Edge Quilting Plus Borders: $0.0225 per square inch but this is also dependent upon how much "custom" work is being done with the borders.  The example here is if you request a wreath or other individual "block" quilting done in the quilt with edge-to-edge quilting done around it-- this takes time and . . . time is money.  I will give you a quote before I begin and honor the quote even if it takes me longer than anticipated.

*An edge-to-edge design is quilted across the top of the quilt. The borders are outlined and quilted with a complementary design. This is an inexpensive option that results in a more custom look which highlights the borders.

Custom Quilting:  This is a fun thing to request for your quilt.  I enjoy making each quilt unique.  Examples of "Custom Quilts" are in my Gallery section.  The pricing on this varies and, while I can provide you with a quote, it is subject to change depending on the custom quilting requested.

Set-Up/Loading Fee:Minimum of $10.00 Set-up fee for all quilts, adjustable by size only.  Queen- and king-sized quilts have a $15.00 set-up fee.

Batting:  I use only Quilter's Dream Battings because I think they are the softest and most end-user friendly products.  The batting cost is $.25 per linear inch off the roll (you would receive any leftover batting (I use 96" long batting so all batting remnants go to you).  If I use a batting that is pre-packaged by Quilter's Dream, I will charge you the price that I paid (plus a small handling fee, dependent on size of the batting).  You are welcome to supply your own batting for my use in your quilting service.

Additional Services:

Adding a Hanging Sleeve or Tabs:  You must provide the fabric for me to create the hanging sleeve or tabs but it will then be at a cost of $.50 per inch for sleeves and $2.00 per tab (quantity of tabs must be specified at the time of the order).

Attaching Binding:
Option 1)  You provide the binding fabric, we make the binding and machine sew on the front with mitered corners for $.15 per linear inch.  You will sew the binding down on the back of the quilt by hand or machine.

Option 2)  You provide the binding fabric, we make the binding and machine sew on the front with mitered corners for $.35 cents per linear inch.  This cost includes us sewing the binding down on the back of the quilt by hand.

Option 3)  Custom Binding: You provide binding fabric, we make the binding and machine sew on the front with mitered corners.  If you choose to include a flange, piping or other embellishment, there would be an additional charge which will be determined at the time that you drop off the quilt.

Making the Backing:  $25/hour (This is for the backing made up by me from fabric provided by you.  it generally takes 2-4 hours to make up a batting). 

Trimming the Quilt: This starts at $10.00 to $30.00 depending on the size of the quilt.

Serging the Quilt:  To get an edge that won't fray once it has been trimmed, we can serge (a certain stitch provided by a serger machine) in a coordinating thread at the edge of the quilt.  This ranges in price from $15.00 to $45.00, depending on the size of the quilt.

Quilting Designs
Pro-Stitcher Quilt Designs (Copyright HandiQuilter, Inc., Printed with Permission.)

Miscellaneous Quilting Designs
There are other quilt designs available from QuiltCAD and other individual digitizers that I have already purchased but I do not have permission to show the designs on my website. To view them, let me know what theme you're looking for and I will print and scan a separate photo of the designs that I have in my complete collection. 

Also, there are many quilting design digitizers available on the internet.  If you have a specific quilting design that you wish to use, let me know where to locate it (by vendor website) and I will purchase the design for your use.  The cost of this purchase will be added to your quilting services.

Payment may be made by check, mailed to me with the quilt top, backing and batting (unless you want me to use my batting which will be an additional cost) and quilting will be started after ten (10) days from receipt/deposit of your check.  Additionally, payment may be made by PayPal which will incur an additional cost to you of 2% to cover some of the PayPal service charges; I will cover the balance of 2% in charges from PayPal.

Sales/Coupons/Discounts:  Periodically, I'll offer a sale, coupons or discounts on any of the above services.  Lots of fun as a certificate of some sort is returned with EVERY quilt!


Quilting Services

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